Today’s guest is a powerhouse in the world of branding, podcasting, and connecting with top self-development leaders to share the best strategies for making a positive impact. His most inspiring messages revolve around self-care, transforming your relationship with fitness, and doing hard things.

Mark Drager is a podcaster, speaker, entrepreneur, and owner of Phanta Creative Agency. He is known for many things, including losing 70 pounds in his 30s, interviewing some of the top self-development leaders of our day, launching a TV show, working with NBA players, and starting a business at age 23. He is an expert on branding and positioning and loves Spartan races.

In this episode, Mark shares his stories of learning to love fitness, building strong brands, defining your values, and running the long race when it comes to business and impact.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How being fit can help in your entrepreneurial journey (6:23)
  • Why confidence about your looks changes your first impressions (14:18)
  • How fitness has helped Mark’s mindset in addressing fear (26:39)
  • The “Think Big, Be Bold, Say Yes” mantra that can help you manage fear (35:13)
  • The way that haters help you to see the big moves you’re making (47:21)
  • Why consistency is more important than discipline (55:11)

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