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Choose to be a Survivor

A new perspective on life's challenges

Amberly presents to a vast array of audiences demonstrating how anyone can hit rock bottom and still find the strength to get back up. Amberly's keynotes focus on a broad range of topics from personal potential, acceptance, and living life to the fullest. She shows with enthusiasm how to never give up and leaves her audiences feeling pumped up, grateful, and hopeful with a new perspective on life's challenges.


True Grit and Grace

As a personal trainer, wife, and mother, Amberly Lago was living the California dream until it turned into a nightmare in May 2010. As she rode her Harley down Ventura Boulevard that breezy, sunny day, Lago was hit by an SUV, throwing her thirty feet down a busy street and shattering her right leg.

Months in the hospital and 34 surgeries, along with plates, pins, and sheer will eventually spared Lago's leg and severed femoral artery, despite the initial recommendation to amputate. However, as a sexual abuse and divorce survivor...

Determined to Walk Again

Amberly's life was deeply altered in 2010 when, while riding her motorcycle, she was hit by an SUV, throwing her thirty feet down a busy street, severing her femoral artery, and crushing her right leg. Facing an arduous recovery, the formal professional dancer, elite athlete, and fitness trainer was determined to walk again after being told she would remain in a wheelchair...


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Amberly inspires audiences to overcome obstacles with perseverance, a positive mental attitude and teamwork.


Amberly's Blog

  • How to Stay Positive in the Face of Adversity

    I sat in the cold, dim room in my hospital bed looking down at the leg that the doctors had just told me they were going to have to amputate.  My spirit was nearly broken and I could actually feel myself spiraling down into a dark hole so fast, as if I had no other […]

  • Texas Is a Whole Other Country

    If you haven’t been to Texas, I suggest a visit so you can understand exactly why most Texans take such pride in their state AND why you may feel like you are in a “whole other country”. We just visited my relatives in a small town outside of Paris (far from France) called Roxton, population […]


    A Sunday well spent brings a week of content (and motivation). 1.) Decide what is important. Decide what is important and make sure you are at the top of the list. If it is more rest and recovery you need, it’s okay to skip a party. If you are feeling exhausted, try a nice leisurely […]


    After the ten-hour surgery Dr. Wiss performed to take out the broken pieces of titanium and replace them with the rod, I, of course, called the pathology department to ask if I could have all that metal. After all, according to what was billed to our insurance company, it was approximately $62,000 worth of titanium, […]


    Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. Strong people rarely have an easy past and the most massive characters are seated with scars. You will be burned, that’s just life. But, you will heal and come back again even stronger and more compassionate. After a horrible motorcycle accident it took 34 surgeries to repair […]