“Choose to be in close proximity to people who are empowering, who appeal to your sense of connection to intention, who see greatness in you” -Wayne Dyer

This is the first time I’m releasing this kind of episode and I was so excited about it that I recorded the intro for it on Christmas morning! This year I hosted the first ever Unstoppable Life Mastermind, and it was transformative, magical and an experience so special I just had to share it with you. After meeting on Zoom for months with this group of empowering trail blazers, we got to meet in person in Malibu, CA to celebrate what we learned and the breakthroughs we experienced.

I invited each member to give a short TED style talk about the biggest lesson they had learned in their life. I recorded each one so that you could hear these incredible stories of grit and grace.  From overcoming domestic abuse, cancer and turning cant’s into cans, to creating the confidence to launch a business, start their own show and even write a book, each of these stories will move you.

So many dreams sparked, so many goals accomplished, so much confidence built, and so many new possibilities born!! It’s my hope that after listening to each one of these breakthroughs and transformations you will be inspired to go after your big dreams in 2022 even more! One thing I know for sure, we are UNSTOPPABLE when we come together, collaborate, love and support one another. 

Successful people know there is power in proximity. As you start to chart the course for the new year, make sure you have the knowledge and resources and surround yourself with people paving the way to success. Ask for guidance and counsel from people who have already done the things you want to do.

If this kind of work speaks to you, and you are ready to get clarity on your goals, build your influence and make a bigger impact and income, be sure to apply for the next round of the mastermind that starts February 2022! As a collective, we will share the tools and resources to take action. This is an experience where we focus on YOU and YOUR big dreams! Imagine a handful of like minded champions, working together to hep one another by offering unfiltered suggestion and direction to help make your goals a reality!! See what’s possible when you receive the outside perspective and counsel from others in the group as they put their full attention on helping you grow. Be of service to others AND receive the “borrowed benefits” of listening in while other members are given feedback, counsel and connections. We will be using the Mastermind Association principles to help separate you from the 95 percent who dream of success to the top 5 percent you actually achieve it!


*You want to learn to use your story to impact and inspire others.

*You are ready to write your book, start your own podcast, speak on stages but don’t know where to start.

*You are ready to crush limiting beliefs, build your confidence, and get support every step of the way.

*You want to meet and learn from Bestselling Authors, Elite Coaches, Top Podcasters, Thought Leaders, and Celebrities.

*You are ready to get clarity on your vision and go after your goals with an action plan.

*You are ready to grow your influence, impact and income!!

We are that tribe you have been seeking. No big crowds, no large groups, no judgements. Join us. We got you!! 

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If you are ready to leave your mark by discovering your message and sharing it with the world, you’ve come to the right place!! Let’s work together to build your influence, your impact, and your income! Join the tribe you have been waiting for to activate your highest potential and live the life you deserve!  Another Your Unstoppable Life Mastermind is starting soon!!! Early bird countdown starts now!  JOIN NOW and let us know you are ready for greatness!

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