“Don’t tie your identity to things that can be pulled away from you.” Today’s episode shares a true story of resilience, grit, and grace. If you’ve ever struggled with confidence, instability, or fear, you’ll relate to this conversation.

Stephen Scoggins is an award-winning, successful entrepreneur, however, it wasn’t always that way. Growing up, life was really difficult for Stephen. When he was just 22, he found himself homeless and on the verge of suicide. He was angry, stuck and completely empty inside.

During that season, a mentor gave Stephen a second chance opportunity he didn’t feel he deserved.  From there Stephen launched a multi-million dollar construction company and has gone on to launch 5 other successful businesses ranging from real estate to thought leadership with top line revenue over $100 million.

He uses the pain of his past and the lessons he’s learned along the way to help people discover who they are, why they are here and what to do about it. Stephen is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of giving others the same gift of freedom he received by offering a practical and empowering education to those looking for a second chance to level up, catapult forward and make their dreams a reality.

In this episode, Stephen shares the path he took from rock bottom to building stability, confidence, and success. He is a guide, not a guru, and I know you’ll find so much value in what he shares.


Here’s what you will learn:

  • How Stephen became homeless, it’s impact on his life and how he turned tragedy into triumph (1:54)
  • How rockbottom can lead you to fight for a better life and build your first business (10:43)
  • Why fear can drive us to terrible decisions and how to make better choices (19:31)
  • How humility helps to build resilience and confidence (25:41)
  • Why fear feeds procrastination and how to overcome that (30:58)
  • The importance of personal gatekeepers in our lives (38:25)

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