One of the most powerful and most challenging skills we can learn is how to sell like an authentic leader. No matter what our mission or business is, we need to be able to sell it in order for it to succeed. I love learning from the best sales leaders about how to do this right, and what it takes to change our mindset about selling like a true leader.

Ben Ward is a passionate leader with over 20 years of experience in sales leadership, and executive leadership training and development. From a career start in direct sales as a door-to-door salesman, he quickly advanced to senior management in one of the fastest-growing companies in America.

At age 26, Ben built and managed the highest producing sales region at Firstline Security, an INC 500 company. He became the #1 highest producer in the company—of over 2,000 sales representatives nationwide—and generated over $37 million in revenue with sales teams. There he earned his first million dollars in sales commission. Ben then went on to co-found Elevate Inc. an IP-based company offering bundled phone, Internet, digital TV, security and home automation services. The company recruited thousands of sales representatives nationwide and went public in 2010. The company experienced a ton of success and ultimately came crashing down and Ben lost everything. Ben looks back on this experience as the most valuable learning and growth period of his life up to that point. Ben picked himself back up and became a CEO / administrator of a Plum Healthcare facility where he spent four years focused on leadership development and growing and developing people as he lead a team of over 200 healthcare professionals.

In 2016, Ben took on the role of Executive Director of Leadership, Culture and Sales at LuLaRoe, where he helped more than 80,000 independent retailers and 2,300 internal employees with leadership development and sales growth. There he helped to develop a company culture built on a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) framework. He participated in the generation of over $4 billion in sales within the company’s first five years as an organization. Ben founded Forward Leadership as a result of his personal obsession for continuous improvement and passion for helping others grow and develop.

In this episode, Ben shares his best tips for overcoming limiting beliefs, stepping into leadership, and using integrity, kindness, and confidence to sell what you love and expand your business or cause.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Ben’s tools to battle limiting beliefs (2:24)
  • How to become an expert leader in sales (4:51)
  • How continuously learning helps to bring success (9:40)
  • The relationship between sales and giving (17:21)
  • What people can do to avoid being a sleazy salesperson (22:25)
  • The 4 laws of leadership (25:31)
  • The importance of integrity (31:36)
  • What confidence in someone can do to change them (37:38)
  • The importance of kindness in leadership (43:22)

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