“Comparison is self sabotage.”

I am often asked about the process of writing my book – tips, tricks, the honest truth. It seemed like a good idea to bring on a book writing expert to the podcast because statistics state 81% of people think they might write a book one day.

Rea Frey is the multi-published, award-winning bestselling author of three suspense novels and four nonfiction books. She’s been featured in US Weekly, Entertainment Weekly, Popsugar, Working Mother, Bustle, She Knows, Marie Claire, Parade, Shape, Brit + Co, Hello Giggles, CrimeReads, Café Mom, Writer’s Digest, WGN, Fox News, Today in Nashville, Talk of the Town, and more.

She also recently founded and scaled her six-figure business Writeway™, where aspiring writers become published authors. On her weekly Writeway™ podcast, she cuts through the B.S. of the publishing industry and gives writers the exact information they need to make informed decisions about their careers. When she’s not busy running a business, meeting book deadlines, or homeschooling her daughter, you can find her alternating between meditating, exercising, and trying not to lose her mind in the process.

This conversation is so informative, especially if you’ve ever thought about writing a book. I hope you get a ton of inspiration and motivation as you listen to Rea explain how you can share your ideas with the world.

Here’s what you will learn:⁣

  • How Rea began her journey writing her first book (2:03)
  • All that comes with publishing, promoting and selling a book (12:14)
  • The changing successes as the times change (20:15)
  • The productiveness of repurposing social media copy for other purposes (25:16)
  • The difference between writing and publishing nonfiction and fiction (31:41)
  • The importance of engagement to match the following (38:52)
  • The importance of posting positive as well as authentic (41:31)
  • How hybrid publishing works (45:28)
  • The importance of having a literary agent (48:37)
  • How a book can become evergreen (56:35)


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