“Your hard work puts you where your blessings can find you.”

This episode is one that I deeply relate to. I got to talk to a stylist to the stars, but what we ended up talking about motherhood, unexpected C-sections, self-love, and finding our identities.

Born and raised in New York, Ali credits her love for fashion to a city upbringing, and also a kinship style icon – her grandmother. Once Ali achieved in-house fashion experience, she made a rapidly successful transition to television and film. This shift eventually led to a move to Hollywood, where the Ali Levine Design firm is currently headquartered.

Since relocating to Los Angeles, Ali’s work can be seen on Fran Drescher’s Happily Divorced, In Time with Justin Timberlake, Kanye West’s World Throne Tour, X-Men First Class, New Girl, and much more. A member of both the Motion Picture Costumes Local 705 and Design Guild 892, the red-head with the hazel-green eyes and even more colorful ensemble resides in Toluca Lake with her husband, Justin, two fashionable cats, Dolce and Ferragamo, and newest member, a fashionable pup named Oscar.

When Ali is not working, she continues to exercise her devotion to her field by scouring the hottest trends all over Los Angeles and New York. She has been dubbed the new “IT” girl in the celebrity styling world.

This conversation is personal, beautiful, timely, and for anyone who has been trying to find their way in a new chapter of life, with a new relationship to work, their body, their energy, and themselves.

Here’s what you will learn:⁣

  • Ali shares how she got started in the fashion industry and how perseverance and grit is a must when building your business (2:15)
  • How Ali came to work in LA for costuming and then pivoted to styling. (10:31)
  • The importance of understanding your why (24:15)
  • How powerful it is leaving your trail to build a brand (30:12)
  • How to manage attention and guilt for babies & kids when you’re occupied with your career(33:23)
  • The experience of having a C-section and all the emotions that come along with it(35:45)
  • The impetus of the podcast for Ali (40:32)
  • The importance of self love in the quarantine (50:21)
  • How we learn to let ourselves rest (55:12)



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