Here’s what you will learn:⁣

  • What drove Tiffany to get into coaching (3:23)
  • The importance of goals in our lives–how to set them and reach them(9:12)
  • The biggest struggle Tiffany’s clients are going through right now and how she is helping them navigate their way through adversity(16:24)
  • The importance of self worth–how to build it and go after your dreams (22:41)
  • Getting out of your head and connecting to your heart(27:12)
  • Tiffany’s step by step morning routine to set you up for a better day(32:25)
  • The power of focusing on your intentions(39:29)
  • The importance of the three “S’s” in her life (44:41)

“Everything is energy.”

When I get to interview a good friend on the podcast, it always warms my heart and touches my soul. I met Tiffany a couple of years ago backstage, right before I spoke at a big event, and she has been a gift in my life ever since.

Tiffany Peterson is a speaker, coach and life lover who has been in this work for over twenty years. She is passionate about helping others overcome the challenges keeping them stuck – perhaps playing small, struggling with self doubt, or hiding in perfectionism – and she loves to help them develop the mindset and sales skillset to claim and create a life and a business that they love!

Whether speaking on large stages to intimate group retreats to private coaching, helping others develop positive success habits and sales strategies to create sustainable change brings her great joy in being part of someone’s journey to their best life. She’s helped many people, teams, and audiences double, even triple their sales, while cultivating a thriving and meaningful personal life in the process.

Tiffany has become a dear friend for many reasons, but I love what she shares in this episode about her philosophy on play, self-care, business, and life. I know you’ll feel inspired the same way I am every time I hear her talk. And make sure to listen to the end of the show for a special TGAG giveaway!

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