Here’s what you will learn:⁣

  • Where addiction comes from and why it’s so enticing
  • Why addicts feel like themselves when using
  • How to navigate creating healthy boundaries with your family
  • What is underneath the shame and anger of addiction
  • Why we must open up and talk about our shame in order to heal

“Alcohol is the doorway, not the solution.”

I had a powerful conversation with Omar Pinto on this episode of the podcast where we dive deep into addiction. One way or another, pretty much everyone has experienced what addiction does. And it’s not easy to talk about. But this is such an important part of healing and becoming the best versions of ourselves. I loved hearing Omar’s perspective on this topic.

Omar Pinto has had to overcome many addictions. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, fast food, energy drinks, porn, laziness, complacency and the list goes on and on.  There came a moment in his life where he felt completely hopeless.  He felt as though he was powerless to change any unhealthy habits and all he wanted to do was find a way to feel better about himself.

10 years into his sobriety, he launched one of the most successful recovery podcasts on iTunesThe SHAIR Podcast with over 2 million downloads and listeners from all over the world. Coaching was the turning point that allowed him to get out of his own way and start becoming the person he was always meant to be.  For years he worked on himself: one-on-one coaching, practitioner training, coaching certifications, seminars, workshops, extensive emotional healing work, you name it.

He now specializes in helping people get out of their own way. He helps individuals identify the major pain points in their lives and break free from their past.  He has over 15 years’ experience in addiction recovery and has combined NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), personal development and emotional healing work to produce fast effective results.

It was powerful to hear Omar talk about navigating healthy boundaries as he healed his own addictions – both with his family, friends, and himself. This is a conversation everyone can benefit from listening to.

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