In this episode of The Amberly Lago Show: Stories of True Grit and Grace, host Amberly Lago sits down with the incredible Christina Deering to discuss the importance of pushing past comfort zones to achieve success and how to energetically price your services. Christina delves into the evolving nature of purpose and offers advice on following what lights you up to find career alignment. They explore the value of calming the nervous system, following one’s curiosity, and incorporating grounding techniques to stay rooted in truth. Amberly shares her personal journey with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), leading to an insightful discussion on energy retention, akashic records, and shamanic practices. Join Amberly and Christina as they dive deep into finding joy, aligning with your true purpose, and grounding your energy for professional and personal growth in this enlightening conversation.

Christina Deering is a Shaman Healer and Business Intuitive who helps spiritual entrepreneurs make a lot of money doing what they love! She’s best known for clearing more limiting beliefs and trauma in 1 healing session than decades worth of therapy – opening her clients up to receive manifestations in the form of quantum leaps.

Host of the top 10% podcast worldwide: You Unlimited, she’s a trailblazer on all things wealth energetics, emotional mastery and unlocking your spiritual gifts for financial success. She’s been featured in Forbes and Goss Manifest Magazine, and is an international speaker on creating impact and legacy in alignment with your soul!

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