“Vulnerability is a superpower and we all need you to realize you get what you want or you get what you need when you’re vulnerable.”

In this episode of the True Grit and Grace podcast, host Amberly introduces her good friend Kelly Siegel, the CEO of National Technology Management (NTM).  Kelly is an author, an entrepreneur, a successful businessman, a father, and last but not least: a great person with a heart of gold. Beneath the intensity that is needed to succeed in business is a person who cares deeply for those in his circle. His life mission is to leave a legacy, or in Kelly’s words, “make a dent.” His relentless drive to better himself is breaking his family’s cycle of abuse, addiction, and poverty.

Amberly and Kelly express their joy about their friendship and the exciting events ahead, highlighting the transformative power of connecting with extraordinary individuals. Don’t overlook this heartwarming and inspiring episode!


1. Understanding and Healing from Childhood Abuse (4:00)
2. Establishing a Safe Zone in Adulthood (12:00)
3. Cultivating Self-Love as a Lifesaving Practice (30:00)
4. Navigating Hangriness and Hangxiety (45:00)
5. Defining Non-Negotiables for Personal and Life Boundaries (50:00)

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