“The pain that you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that’s coming from scripture.”

In this episode of True Grit and Grace, host Amberly introduces her special guest, Lori McAfee. Lori is a powerhouse who started her business Lori McAfee Coaching to help women reclaim their power by knowing and loving themselves in order to build the life that they truly want. She’s coached hundreds of women to help them see how truly wonderful they are, and appreciate themselves as a daughter, wife, mom, and more importantly a woman. She just finished her first book called, Burning Love which pulls on the same themes of self-worth, self-love, and remembering God is always on our side. She is also the host of the popular podcast “Get Your Rear in Gear”.

This dynamic duo takes center stage as they passionately explore the realms of reclaiming power, fostering self-love, attaining inner peace, and ultimately discovering one’s purpose. In this captivating episode, Amberly sets the stage for an enlightening discussion, highlighting Lori’s remarkable resilience and extending a heartfelt invitation for listeners to witness Lori’s wisdom firsthand at the upcoming Unstoppable Success Summit.

Tune in today as you are guided through the profound realization that true empowerment begins with embracing oneself, flaws and all.


  • Losing Yourself in a Good Life (5:30)
  • Practicing Self-Love Amidst Struggles (13:41)
  • Confronting Self-Doubt (20:55)
  • Lori’s Words of Hope (28:01)

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