“Connection is the opposite of addiction. Connection is the opposite of loneliness and depression. And it’s how we thrive.”

In this captivating podcast episode, Amberly sits down with Nikki Sharp, a remarkable individual who has undergone a profound transformation. Once an international model, Nikki now dedicates herself as a health advocate, a two-time best-selling author, and a Transformational Coach touching the lives of over half a million people worldwide. As the host of the inspiring podcast “A Sharper Life,” Nikki’s impact extends far beyond her personal journey.

Amberly shares her own discovery of Nikki’s path through Instagram and how it led to this engaging conversation. Together, they delve into the misconceptions surrounding Nikki’s life, emphasizing the vital role of sharing stories of resilience to inspire others.

Throughout the episode, Nikki opens up about her experiences in the demanding modeling industry, shedding light on the struggles with body image and the pressure to conform to certain standards. Topics such as self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and body dysmorphia are also explored, giving listeners profound insights into overcoming personal challenges.

The conversation takes a deep dive into Nikki’s journey of overcoming insomnia, revealing the strength and determination that propelled her forward. She candidly discusses the value of gratitude and its transformative power in helping others effect positive change in their lives.

As the discussion unfolds, Nikki shares the importance of putting in the work to change one’s brain positively. It becomes evident that her dedication to wellness stems from a profound connection to something greater, a realization that can be transformative for others as well.

Throughout the podcast, Nikki and Amberly touch on crucial moments from Nikki’s life, offering valuable insights and lessons for personal growth. From the rigorous challenges of the modeling industry to conquering personal demons, Nikki’s story is a beacon of hope for those seeking transformation and resilience in their own lives.

Key Moments in the Podcast:
– The demanding nature of the modeling industry and its impact on Nikki’s life (7:03)
– Overcoming insomnia: The source of Nikki’s strength (16:12)
– The transformative power of gratitude in inspiring change (23:27)
– Breaking free from isolation and addiction to build a supportive community (31:22)
– Harnessing the power of hard work to reshape the brain (42:17)

Join Amberly Lago and Nikki Sharp on this insightful and inspiring journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and personal growth.

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