“All struggle can be leveraged to create more value.”

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur aiming for success? I’ve got a treat for you! On today’s show, we have the privilege of hosting one of the brightest minds in the business world, Lee Benson. Lee is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, former CEO of Able Aerospace, which he successfully sold for a staggering nine figures. But that’s not all – he has also developed a groundbreaking concept called Mind Methodology, specifically designed to empower entrepreneurs like you to thrive.

Lee Benson joins us along with Scott Donnell, co-author of the insightful book “Value Creation Kid: The Healthy Struggles Your Children Need to Succeed,” which introduces the innovative Gravy Stack Method.

During this podcast episode, Lee and I engage in a stimulating discussion on various key topics. We delve into the art of developing effective leadership skills, explore the dynamics of teamwork and how it contributes to achieving common goals, and shed light on the profound significance of instilling healthy struggles in our children’s lives. Both Lee and I share our personal experiences of facing challenges in our upbringing and how these struggles became the foundation for creating substantial value in our lives.

Lee Benson passionately advocates for incorporating the idea of creating value into family life. By openly discussing and making it an integral part of how the family functions, the Gravy Stack Method can be implemented at home. This approach encourages children to nurture their capabilities, build confidence, and actively create value in their lives.

Now, let’s take a quick glimpse at the captivating highlights from our conversation:

1. The Power of Healthy Struggle in Fueling Personal Growth (5:33)
2. The Impactful Role of Coaching in Unlocking Peak Potential (15:20)
3. Striking the Balance: Teaching Kids to Manage Struggles (23:17)
4. The Unwavering Determination that Paves the Path to Success (35:15)

Get ready to be inspired and equipped with invaluable insights as we embark on this enlightening journey with Lee Benson. It’s time to learn how to conquer the challenges on your path to success and foster growth, not only in your entrepreneurial pursuits but also in the lives of your loved ones. Let’s dive right in!

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