Today, we have a very special guest who will shed light on the secrets of motivation and positivity that propel successful individuals forward. Join me in welcoming my dear friend, Dale Smith Thomas, a former Miss Tennessee, best-selling author, and renowned international professional speaker. Known as the “hope dealer,” Dale radiates positivity wherever she goes. Today, she will share her insights on harnessing the power of positivity to stay motivated and connected with your audience.

Dale’s journey from a humble upbringing in North Mississippi to gracing stages across the globe is awe-inspiring. For over 25 years, she has been captivating audiences with her empowering and enlightening messages. Her client list includes prestigious names from various fields, spanning healthcare, sales, associations, and corporations. With two published books and numerous appearances on national radio and television shows like The Dr. Phil Show and The Big Idea, Dale’s impact continues to reach far and wide.

Dale’s primary passion lies in sharing the transformative message that has shaped her own life. One of her proudest moments came when an audience member wrote, “Your name should read, Dale Smith Thomas, PhD, The Hope Doctor.” As the “Hope Doctor,” one of Dale’s core messages revolves around teaching others how to be Hope Dealers. Her definition of hope, Helping Other People Excel, is etched on every page of her own life story.

In our conversation today, Dale delves into the importance of cultivating a positive and motivated mindset, forging connections with your audience, and empowering those who struggle with confidence. She shares her wisdom on harnessing the power of the mind, safeguarding your energy, and spreading kindness and positivity in a world that often seems daunting.

Dale reminds us, “If you aspire to speak and share your story, remember that your gift lies in the act of giving. What others choose to do with that gift is ultimately up to them, not you.”

Now, let’s dive into the highlights of our conversation:

  • Dale discusses how sitting down and writing can be a transformative step in the journey towards becoming a speaker. (7:22)
  • Dale explores the significance of tuning out negativity and explains why it plays a crucial role in finding hope. (15:33)
  • Discover why writing is a powerful tool for self-discovery and introspection, allowing you to connect with your authentic self. (24:30)
  • Dale shares her valuable insights on connecting with your audience, fostering genuine engagement, and leaving a lasting impact.(35:16)

Get ready to be inspired by Dale’s incredible wisdom and experiences.

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