I have such an immense admiration for my friend Marc’s book, Personal Socrates, that I make sure every member of the Unstoppable Life Mastermind receives a copy. In fact, I recently passed on my personal copy to a new member, prompting me to quickly order a replacement so that I wouldn’t be without it! While my podcast typically revolves around discussions on physical fitness and emotional resilience, today’s episode takes a refreshing turn towards the realm of mental fitness, and I’m thrilled for you to discover what it entails.

After spending ten years working on various corporate teams, encompassing sales, analytics, and product management, Marc Champagne embarked on a journey to study the minds of extraordinary thinkers. In his book, he delves into the practices of mental fitness and the thought-provoking questions that shape the lives of the most accomplished and brilliant minds in the world. As the host of the highly acclaimed podcast, Behind The Human, ranking among the top 50, and as a co-founder of the journaling app KYO, which reached a staggering 86.9 million people organically, Marc’s expertise in mental fitness is unmatched. With over a decade of experience studying mental fitness practices, he serves as a mental fitness strategist and speaker, consulting with Fortune 500 companies.

During this captivating episode, Marc eloquently makes clear the concept of mental fitness, highlighting its significance for individuals ranging from high performers to ordinary people. Furthermore, he imparts practical tools that can be implemented immediately to enhance your own mental fitness.

Here’s a preview of the invaluable insights awaiting you in this episode:

1. The origin of Marc’s journey into mental fitness (5:29)
2. The profound impact of morning self-reflection through deliberate questioning (12:51)
3. How gratitude has the power to transform your perspective (20:13)
4. Techniques for harnessing the potential of your habits (31:02)
5. Empowering yourself through the choices you make (40:52)

Prepare to be captivated by Marc’s wisdom and discover the transformative potential of nurturing your mental fitness.

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