When I met Lindsey at an event, one of the first things I noticed was her amazing and beautiful legs. I went up and squeezed them — and then we became friends! We’ve since spoken at the same events, she came to my recent event, we’ve podcasted together, and it’s just the start of our friendship. I love Lindsey’s energy, passion, brains, and what she shares is possible when we find our self-confidence. I can’t wait for you to hear her perspective and story about grit and grace.

Lindsey Schwartz is an entrepreneur, top podcast host, and best-selling author. Fiercely committed to supporting other women, Lindsey invests her time in mentoring women and girls of all ages—from high achieving entrepreneurs to high school students. She’s also an investor in female-founded companies including beverage brand Lite Pink. As a sought after speaker, Lindsey travels around the world inspiring women to get out of their own way and into action around their big ideas, and helping them create the careers they’ve always dreamed of.

After seeing numerous women in her life stop short of pursuing their own entrepreneurial dreams because of fear and self-doubt, she saw the need for more honest conversations about the ups & downs of entrepreneurship in order to show women that they don’t have to have it all together to get started. From there, the Powerhouse Women community, annual event, and podcast were born, with the motto that we’re not meant to do business (or life) alone!

In this episode, Lindsey shares some of her top tips for finding self-confidence as a speaker, a leader, and a public figure.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to get over self doubt and find confidence (9:22)
  • Ways to not take yourself too seriously when speaking publicly (14:33)
  • How to invite your highest self to show up (22:51)
  • Tips for investing in yourself while networking at events (31:10)

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