025: Be The Greatest You! Living a Purposeful Life with Trent Shelton

Here’s what you will learn:⁣

  • Trent’s life and death experience – what it felt like to almost die
  • Lessons from losing
  • The value of failing
  • How to deal with “haters”
  • Trent’s rehab process
  • Acceptance is the first step to healing
  • Rest don’t quit
  • How to find your true calling and have a purpose-filled life
  • How to bring forgiveness into your life
  • Finding your self-worth
  • Embracing your flaws

We’ve all been through difficult experiences that have led us to where we are in life.  Right now, most of us are going through a VERY difficult time with the coronavirus that is affecting everything we do. We must do everything we can to evolve mentally, physically, and spiritually so we can thrive even if our circumstances have narrowed our possibilities. 

In today’s episode, we are joined by the legend, Trent Shelton!  He is a former NFL wide receiver and now one of the most authentic and powerful voices in the area of personal development giving us advice “straight up!”  He wrote the bestselling book, The Greatest You: Face Reality, Release Negativity, and Live Your Purpose, and shares how to create lasting change in your life.

After many hardships, Trent discovered his true calling and speaks to millions through his social media platforms and on stages all over the world.  He inspires us all to overcome our own hardships and be our best. He shares his story on healing, transformation, and he became the founder and president of a Christian-based non-profit organization, “RehabTime.”

If you’re struggling with finding what your true purpose is, Trent’s story will surely ignite that flame within you and inspire you to be the best version of yourself and never give up!

Are you ready to become the greatest you?

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