007: Making Shift Happen With Anthony Trucks

People get lucky and become an “overnight success” but when asked about their journey we realize it was actually a lifetime of failures, hard work, and then making the decision to keep moving forward.

When life knocks us down, we can get up or give up. Rarely have I ever met a strong person with an easy past and this week’s guest has to be one of the strongest people I have ever met. 

Anthony Trucks shares his story of overcoming obstacles and making the decision to pick himself up again and again. He has experienced over 20 life-shattering “shifts” and they all started as early as 3 years old when he was given away to foster care, endured beatings, starvation, and forms of torture all before the age of 6.  He shares his story of loss, divorce, injury, suicidal thoughts and rock bottom before he discovered hope and a burning passion to feel more of every single day.

Through years of research, experimentation, self-reflection, and sometimes by accident he learned how to master the shifts that life throws his way.

Anthony Trucks is a bestselling author, international speaker, a former NFL player, and an American Ninja Warrior, has 10 online brand products, runs live events, featured in Inc. Magazine, a corporate consultant, happily married, a proud daddy, and is living life to the fullest.

Join us and learn about Anthony’s story to success and how he can teach you to make success second nature.

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • How Anthony used the challenges he faced to motivate himself
  • How he made himself his own hero
  • Believing you deserve more
  • Mindset, commitments, and self-worth
  • Your future is your choice
  • The “Slow or Go” identity

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