006: What Shapes Us with Jen Elizabeth

Our childhood is undeniably a huge part of who we are, but it doesn’t have to dictate who we become in the world.   

Today’s guest grew up under the shadow of shame, silence, abuse and neglect.  Because she had no one to turn to, she stuffed down all the pain she felt until it was just too heavy to carry.  When there is trauma that isn’t healed, it affects our relationships, the choices we make, and the way we view the world.

Jen Elizabeth, the author of “Shape Of A Woman,” joins us to share her inspiring story of redemption, healing, and recovery from alcoholism and drugs. She talks about the things that shape us, what to do with the pain when it becomes too heavy to bear, and how to heal from all the hurt you’ve experienced.

Her story is one of miraculous transformation– from being homeless, addicted to alcohol and in and out of jail, to becoming an amazing wife, mother, bestselling author, and sought after speaker.   After turning her life around she travels all over the country to share her story and message of hope, redemption, and healing.

Jen is now on a mission to help and encourage anyone who is struggling, feeling stuck or feeling hopeless to reach out for help. 

You don’t have to hide your mess,  because it is what’s going to free you and be your gift to the world! 

Make sure you grab a copy of Jen’s amazing book and learn how to overcome your addictions and defeat your inner demons. You can purchase the book here!

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Jen’s post on recovery and eating disorder
  • What led Jen to write her book, Shape Of A Woman
  • Shame is a beast we should all defeat
  • Alcoholism and drugs
  • Why you should never run away from your pain
  • How Jen sobered up
  • The power of recovery and facing your pain
  • Jen’s experience of divine intervention when she was in prison
  • How to let go of your shame

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