017: Journey to Self-Love with Natalie James

Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of transformation and living a life of joy.  Letting go of shame allows us to step into our power, love ourselves and others, and be the person we are truly meant to be. 

Being born with hemihyperplasia and looking “different” from everyone else, losing her father at a very young age, and undergoing complicated surgeries were some of the hard truths our guest today experienced growing up. 

In this episode, Natalie James shares her story on how she let go of shame, conquered her adversity, and walked the path of self-love and self-acceptance. .

For 20 years Natalie gained valuable experience through her career in politics and was inspired by the stories of female entrepreneurs, for their sense of adventure and willingness to take risks.  Feeling a strong desire to make a drastic change in her own life, Natalie set out to take a detour and left her stable career to carve her own path by following her heart. She is the CEO of Toronto’s most exclusive blow dry bar, Vent Blow Dry Bar. She didn’t let her disorder hinder her from going after her dreams but instead, was inspired to create something to empower women, help them build their self-confidence and be comfortable in their own skin through a self-care experience unlike any other.  

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • True transformation takes place mentally, physically and spiritually with acceptance
  • Letting go of shame
  • Advocating for ourselves and listening to our heart
  • How having a creative outlet can heal your shame
  • How to create work/life balance between being a CEO, mom of three and still finding time for self-care 
  • Practicing self-love and self-acceptance transforms your life
  • The importance of finding a support network of people who’ll be with you through thick and thin
  • Natalie’s definition of resilience

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