013: From FEAR to CAREER with Bryan Mineo

Get ready to overcome your fears and turn your can’ts into cans!  Overcoming your fears can be quite daunting and challenging. Fear can often hold you back from doing the things that you want to do. But once you learn to overcome your fear you are unstoppable!

In this episode, Bryan Mineo, known as The Swim Mechanic, joins us to talk about how his fear led him to his passion and career. He is the founder of “One With The Ocean” (also known as SMOG).  It is an organization that offers more than open water training, but also helps individuals gain comfort and confidence, find joy, and come together in community to face down their fears. What started as a small meet-up to teach a few people how to swim in the open water led to what is now the world’s largest open water swimming community. 

In this episode we share things we have never shared before on mindset, addiction, and life changing moments. 

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • How Bryan’s turned his passion into a successful business
  • How being “One With The Ocean” can teach you important life lessons
  • The power of community
  • Overcoming your fears
  • Being present and consistent
  • What Bryan does to combat the negative self-talk inside his head
  • Breathe work and limiting the distractions can set you up for success
  • Using gratitude to shift your perspective and focus on the present moment
  • Our children can be our biggest teachers


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