012: Write Your New Love Story & Be the Highest Version of YOU! with Serah D’laine

Everybody in this world is born to stand out. Get ready to transform your life, love, relationships, and business into one that is full of passion, joy, and abundance!

Join me in this episode, as I interview the conscious lifestylist goddess, Serah D’laine!

Serah is a spiritual thought leader,  meditation instructor, certified life coach, certified executive coach, creator of “Reviving Radiance” Online Mastery Course + “Power of Becoming” Digital Academy, the founder of “Soul Circle Collective” life coach, executive coach and also an expert in digital media marketing!

In this conversation, she will teach us practical tools and hacks to break past unhealthy programming about ourselves. She offers a unique approach in order to be in alignment with our consciousness and ultimately become the highest version of ourselves.

Bring awareness in your relationships, and start writing your own new love story, as we cover topics from love and relationships to conscious living and spiritual awakening! 

Jump on in and experience healing and transformation and truly become the conscious creator of your reality!

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • How Serah got into the business of teaching other people to create their own love story with others and themselves
  • Building and strengthening your resilience
  • What to do when you are stuck in a hard place
  • The STOP, DROP, & LOVE Hack
  • Self, shadow, and ego
  • Visualization and reframing how you see things into the positive life
  • Discovering your purpose
  • Getting in alignment with the highest version of yourself
  • Becoming a Conscious Leader


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