001: Turning Pain Into Purpose with Dr. Erin Fall Haskell

There are moments in life when something happens, life alters, and your entire perception transforms instantaneously.  Moments that lead us to the path that we’re meant to take, no matter how painful and heartbreaking the process. And for Dr. Erin, the host of Good Morning Lalaland, that moment was 22 years ago when she was holding her stillborn son in her arms, just after giving birth to him.  

She is the CEO of SOULCIETE, with the mission of being the #1 Spiritual Leader’s Community in the world.  Her mission is to awaken a billion people globally to their divinity while teaching them how to reprogram their subconscious, align with their personal truth and universal laws, and create a daily spiritual practice.  Dr. Erin mentors Soul Entrepreneurs one-on-one and in group settings, transforming their personal and professional lives. She believes that when someone awakens, they naturally have a gift and message to bring to the world.

In this episode, she talks about the moment where she held her stillborn son in her arms sent her into a spiritual revelation. Dr. Erin also shares the lessons she learned on how she turned her tragedy into a blessing. Moreover, we talk about the power of prayer from a scientific aspect as well as a spiritual aspect and show how it can transform your life. 

Listen till the end as Dr. Erin, the Doctor of Divinity encourages you with her message of hope and inspiration so that others living with any kind of trauma can choose to live a life of joy.


In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • The difference between pain and suffering.
  • Trusting the process of life.
  • How our biggest challenges in life can be our greatest teachers.
  • The power of prayer—the science and spirituality behind it.
  • The secret formula for finding your purpose.
  • Turning her tragedy into a triumph after having a stillborn child.
  • How she became the Doctor of Divinity
  • How to Reprogram your subconscious mind and live a life of wealth, vitality, and love.
  • Soulciete 
  • Good morning Lalaland
  • Her book, “Awakening:  A 40-day Guide to Unleashing Your Spiritual Powers, Life’s Purpose and Manifesting Your Dreams”


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