032: Bootstrapping Your Dreams: Passion + Perseverance = Success with Manuj Aggarwal

Here’s what you will learn:⁣

  • From $2 a day to boardrooms of the Fortune 500
  • The turning point in Manuj’s life that led him to finding his passion, profession, and the love of his life
  • Important qualities for success and pragmatic solutions for immediate problems
  • How to get more of what you really want fast:  financial security, emotional stability, and mental clarity
  • Why the paradigm of “we need to work to survive” is not always true
  • Business advice from Manuj to entrepreneurs
  • The power of community

How far can you go with your passion and perseverance? How determined are you to turn your life around?  

Make your dreams possible in today’s episode as influencer and podcaster, Manuj Aggarwal joins us to talk about his inspiring story of struggles to success. He went from making $2/day as a factory worker in India to working with successful professionals, managers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs who want to get more out of business life–even in the face of adversity. You don’t need family money or ivy league education for your dreams to come true.

Manuj is the host of the successful business podcast Bootstrapping Your Dreams and he is also the founder of Tetranoodle Technologies, a company that provides world-class technology consulting, coaching, and professional training. 

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